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General Guidelines for Above Ground Swimming Pools

  1. Plans showing both the design of the pool, its location on the lot and landscaping must be submitted to the Board of Directors.

  2. The placement of the pool must be by mutual agreement of the homeowner and the Board of Directors.  The Board’s guidance in this matter will be based in large part upon the surrounding location of homes, the shape of the lot, location of septic field and the natural scenery and views.

  3. No pool shall be placed over an easement or septic field.

  4. A Cook Count permit shall be obtained and all Cook County requirements must be met.

  5. Landscaping (bushes and shrubs) around all exposed pool walls shall be required.  In areas where a deck exists, lattice or equivalent may be acceptable.  This should be included on any plans when they are submitted to the Board for approval.

  6. All pools must be located to the rear of the existing building line.  They may be attached to existing deck of a house.

  7. No part of any pool may be any closer than 50-feet to any part of a neighbor’s house.

  8. Pools must be located a minimum of 25-feet from the lot line.

The guidelines listed above are considered minimum requirements and are for general use only.  They are not all inclusive.  The Board of Directors maintains the right to accept or reject any pool plans or grant or deny variances.


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