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A Rolling Knolls Estates resident reported finding a dead coyote on her property that had been shot. The perpetrator of the shooting is unidentified, but please be aware that it is illegal to knowingly shoot a gun or bow and arrow within 300 yeards on an inhabited dwelling without first obtaining permission from all affected property owners. Firearms are prohibited by law in all Cook County forest preserves, and the CN railroad right-of-way is private property, meaning that hunting is not allowed without permission from CN. Many of the coyotes in our area have been tagged with expensive radio collars by the McGraw Foundation. If you find a dead or injured animal with a radio collar please call McGraw at 847-741-8000. It is important to know that the Forest Preserve District has placed coyotes here to help control the deer population. The do serve an important purpose in wildlife management. If you are concerned about the safety of your family or pets, the Cook County Urban Coyote Research Project has excellent information that can help:

Please go to this DNR link for laws on hunting wildlife in Illinois:

The complete Illinois Wildlife Code may be found here:



Click here for hazardous waste pickup information.

Click here for brush pickup information.

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 Trash Cans

A reminder to homeowners that trash containers must be stored indoors at all times other than for pickup.  On trash pickup days, containers should not be placed outside for collection any earlier than sunset of the night prior to pickup, and must be retrieved by the Owner or Resident on the day of the pickup.  On weeks containing a holiday, trash pickup will occur one day later than normal.  Please help to keep our neighborhood sanitary and neat for all residents.


There have been a few informal reports of unattended dogs wandering off their owners’ property.  Please remember the Cook County law regarding pets.  For the safety of your pet and your neighbors, please keep dogs on a leash when not on your property.  Thanks!



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